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BIS performs pest and building inspections in all Sydney suburbs for Residential and Commercial property buyers.Our flat fee means that you can budget for all costs up front.

Some providers quote extremely low prices for inspections and then charge for a million little extras. Our building reports are extremely detailed and include full costing details on all building faults/defects.

Building Inspection Articles

Building Inspection Changes in NSW

In September 2009 there was some information released by the NSW Department of Fair Trading about Building Consultant licensing that effects building inspectors in Sydney – the following information is from their website:

Effective 16 September 2009, building consultancy work is no longer regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW. This means that building consultancy work is no longer licensed by Fair Trading.

What does this mean?

It means when you are ordering a Property Inspection you need to be very careful about who you are hiring – ensure they are fully qualified and fully insured. Building Inspectors should be fully qualified builders – with the fully ability to become a licensed builder. You can confirm this by asking for the builders qualifications.

They should also have professional indemnity insurance (One tip: there a lot of rogue traders out there without insurance - so make sure you ask this question of every inspector). To find out more just visit the Department of Fair Trading Building Consultancy or the Better Regulation Office website.

Building and Pest Inspection Sydney

A Thermal Imaging pest inspection is a beneficial service that can help the customer find or diagnose issues with the building in question. Thermal imaging uses infrared as an advanced non-destructive technology that allows a technician to show the customer issues with their building that no one can see with conventional inspection methods.

It allows the inspector to see deep into a structure and determine any deep seeded problems – in particular termites and other pests. All building inspectors should be using this technology to their advantage. ABC Building Inspection Sydney uses this Technology as an additional service - if you would like this service please request it while ordering your inspection.

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